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Freewheel Clutch

Offering you a complete choice of products which include aetna clutch release bearing, binder brakes & clutches, origin one way clutch bearings, warner electric electromagnetic clutches, ringspann freewheel clutch and formsprag overrunning clutches.

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Approx. 7,950 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
UsageHeavy Duty Trucks, Car, Racing Cars, Tractors
ClassificationHydraulic Clutch

Aetna Clutch Release Bearing is an ISO 9001 Manufacturer of Bearing Assemblies for Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, and other Specialty Applications. Since 1917, Aetna''s commitment to quality products and dedication to constant and on-going quality improvement of both products and services have positioned Aetna Bearings as a product and service leader for the new millennium.
Idler Sprockets
Chain and Sprocket Idlers are compact units made for various chain types, including single and extended pitch roller chain, as well as detachable link chain. They are normally mounted on standard 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" bolts, and include accurately contoured hardened teeth to resist wear and damage to the chain. Designs range from 6 to 18 teeth in various configurations. Typical applications include gathering chains on corn heads and other harvesting equipment, exercise machines, and packaging machines. Compact and easy to install. Built for long maintenance-free service life. Available in a range of a sprocket sizes and configurations which accommodate all conventional chain driven equipment.Aetna Bearing Extended Pitch Sprocket Idler
Single Pitch Sprocket IdlersExtended Pitch Sprocket IdlersHeavy Duty Extended Pitch Sprocket Idlers Detachable Link Sprocket Idlers Idler Pulleys and Precision Idler Pulleys

Flanged Belt Idlers V-Belt Idlers Round Belt Idlers Single Flanged Idlers Straight Idlers Ball Thrust Bearings Aetna Bearing F Series Ball Thrust Bearings
Aetna Ball Thrust Bearings are available in both banded and 3-piece designs, inch standard and metric standard, light, medium and heavy duty applications, and a wide variety of sizes and feature grooved raceways. Some, including the 1300 Series and the 1400 AW Series are made for a press fit on the shaft and are accurately ground on seats, raceways and inside diameters. R Series Ball Thrust Retainers are also available in a wide variety of sizes from Aetna Bearings.
Clutch Release Bearings Aetna Bearing 1400 Series Ball Thrust Bearings
Aetna clutch release bearings are available for farm equipment, automotive, truck and other applications. Aetna has been a leader in the design and manufacturing products for clutch release and actuation for over 90 years. All Aetna clutch release bearings are lubricated for life and designed for maintenance-free, long life, smooth, silent, efficient operation. Some designs are provided with means for re-lubrication to comply with OEM requirements.

Rubber Tire Idlers are similar to flanged belt idlers except they incorporate a rubber tire captured between the flanges. Tire diameters of 4 1/4" to 5 1/4" are available. These are typically used in luggage handling conveyors, agricultural planters, belt conveyor systems and as snowmobile bogie wheels.
Hanger Bearings and Sprocket Assemblies consist of a combination adapter bearing and driven sprocket. These bearings are commonly used on seed planters. Their hexagonal bores are designed to support various sizes of cold drawn hex shafting. Sprocket at end of extended inner transmits rotation of hex shaft to drive chain.
Adapter Bearings are a series of mounted ball bearing units designed for use in equipment where shafts are supported in frames or sheet metal surfaces. Typical applications include overhead doors, conveyor systems, packaging machines, and agricultural equipment. They provide a combination of features which literally give them universal adaptability; hence the name Adapter Bearing.

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Approx. 65,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
MaterialStainless Steel
VoltageAC 220, 400, 525 V

Kendrion UK Ltd (formerly Binder Magnete UK Ltd) is the U.K subsidiary of the Kendrion Group which specialise in products for a wide range of industries.

Binder offers a wide range of brake motors, from frame size 80 through to 180. Both brake and motor can have a protection degree of up to IP66. The motors are fitted with brakes which are all single disc, electrically released. Their ‘failsafe’ characteristic engages the brake.

Since the beginning of this century, Binder has utilised the power of magnetism for technical progress. Electromagnetic components have been produced for the automotive industry and power transmission markets.

Active Clutch Line

The ACTIVE CLUTCH LINE includes slip-ring free single-disc clutches for direct current in which the action of force of an electromagnetic field (electromagnetically closing) is used to transfer the torque. The ACTIVE CLUTCH LINE is characterized by a secure, residual moment-free lifting in any position and by a backlash-free transfer of the torque. During their whole life-time they require little or no maintenance. Depending on the clutch version a higher switching capacity can be achieved.

Classic Line

The CLASSIC LINE includes spring applied single-disc and multi-disc brakes for direct current which, due to their robust design and the variable connection technology, meet the requirements of demanding applications. Electromagnetically operated spring applied brakes build up the braking torque when the current is switched off and the electromagnetic force is therefore neutralized.

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Approx. 7,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
TypeDeep Groove

Origin One Way Clutch Bearings The OWC-GXZ One Way Bearing Series are a newly designed compact, light and high performance unidirectional clutch with an affordable price. These clutches consist of sintered alloy outer ring, stainless steel roller, leaf spring and welded shield plate. The OWC Series has a maximum operating temperature of 194F, a compact size with a maximum width of 5.4mm and a very small freewheeling torque. Assembled units pulley, gear or other mechanical elements are available on request. The OWC-GXZ One Way Bearing Series has a small radial section height and is also commonly known as a One Way Bearing or Anti-Reverse Bearing. One Way Bearings are designed to transmit torque between the shaft and housing in one direction and allow free motion in the opposite direction. One-way clutch is a unidirectional bearing, which rotates freely in one-direction and clutches in the other direction. Origin's miniature clutches are compact fitting the shaft diameter from 3mm, and the most of the model measures only 5.4mm in width. Origin's clutches are also high-performance in overrunning, back stopping and indexing so that these are widely accepted in the field of office equipment, control equipment and various other paper or bill handling mechanisms. Feature 1. Used for turning in both directions (clockwise and counter clockwise) 2. Compact size and light weight 3. Operation condition: 0 60, 90% 4. Easy Assembly. We also offer the Origin Brand bearings as following: OWC410 GXLZ 4x10x5.4mm OWC 410GXRZ 4x10x5.4 OWC511 GXLZ 5x11x5.4mm OWC 511GXRZ 5x10x5.4 OWC612 GXLZ 6x12x5.4mm OWC 612GXRZ 6x12x5.4mm OWC814 GXLZ 8x14x5.4mm OWC 814GXLZ 8x14x5.4mm OWC1016 GXLZ 10x16x5.4mm OWC1016 GXRZ 10x16x5.4mm

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Approx. 35,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
UsageFarm Machinery

Warner Electric

Warner Electric offers the broadest selection of clutches, brakes, controls and sensors available from a single source. A global leader in clutch/brake technology for over 70 years, Warner Electric provides solutions for the industrial, vehicular, and turf and garden industries. Select the download link to view PDF files of any literature item. Hard Copies of literature, when available, can be ordered by clicking the box beside "Add to Shopping Cart." (BO indicates that an item is out of stock and will be shipped as soon as it is available. AS indicates a new literature item that will be available soon to ship.)

  • Capping Clutches
  • Clutch/Brake Controls
  • Clutches & Brakes - Industrial
  • Clutches & Brakes - Industrial (Applications)
  • Custom Electromagnetic Coils - Alcoils
  • Engine, Pump & Compressor Clutches
  • Sensors & Switches
  • Tension Controls
  • Tension Systems
  • Turf & Garden

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Approx. 19,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Inner Diameter8 mm
Normail Torque18n.M
MaterialStainless Steel
Height20 mm

Ringspann Corporation manufactures a complete line of freewheel clutches. All clutches are held to the strictest of tolerances and conform to US machining standards.

Series FRS, FRX, and FRZ are designed and manufactured to provide quality freewheels that can be inventoried and made readily available to suit the customer's requirements.

Ringspann "Know How" enables Ringspann Corporation to provide the market with a clutch to suit your application. The FR Series Freewheels are completely enclosed unites that contain ball earing and seals. Each of these units can be adapted to mate with pulleys, gears, sprockets, and torque arms.

Product Description:

ZZ Series units are identical to Series 6200 ball bearings in their outer dimensions, with the same characteristics. They provide an economical solution to applications requiring a one way clutch while accommodating radial forces and eliminating the need for a ball bearing.

Available Series:
  • ZZ - inner & outer press fit
  • ZZ-P - inner keyway & outer press fit
  • ZZ-PP - inner & outer keyway
  • ZZ-2RS - inner & outer press fit with 2 rubber seals
  • ZZ-P2RS - inner keyway & outer press fit with 2 rubber seals

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Approx. 25,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
MaterialBearing Steel
Inner Diameter60.45mm
Weight1.6 kg
Height63.5 mm

or over 50 years, Formsprag Freewheel Clutch has been the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable long-lived Overrunning Clutches to the power transmission markets.

By offering the broadest range of both Sprag and Ramp & Roller type overrunning clutches and backstops available in the world, Formsprag Clutch, together with its sister company Stieber Clutch in Germany, is the world's leading authority for solving applications requiring Overrunning Clutches.

Some of Formsprag's industrial products include:

Overrunning Clutches

All Formsprag/Stieber clutches described in this catalog are essentially “overrunning” clutches, i.e., they will drive in one direction but overrun (freewheel) in the other direction.Through the wide variety of designs offered by Formsprag Clutch and Stieber Clutch in both Sprag and Ramp & Roller Designs virtually any application can be met where this function is required.

Indexing Clutches

Through the wide variety of designs offered by Formsprag Clutch and Stieber Clutch in both Sprag and Ramp & Roller Designs, virtually any application can be met where reciprocating motion applied to the driving race is transformed into intermittent motion in only one direction at the driven race.

Bi-Directional Clutches

Available in six sizes, the Formsprag RL Clutch is a sprag type no-back which permits transmission of driving torque from input to output shaft in both directions of rotation, but restrains any feedback torque of the driven load from rotating the output shaft in either direction

Linear Bearings

Formsprag offers four different sizes of Rollerway linear bearings used for supporting and guiding heavy duty machine elements with low friction.

General Purpose – Ball Bearing Supported


ball bearing supported designsBall Bearing Supported Designs provide a versatile package for many different mounting configurations. The self contained ball bearings accommodate most radial and axial loads present in the application.

HPI Series

FSO Series

FRB Series
Special Purpose Clutches

FS-100, 200, 300 Series

SBI and SB Series

SB Series

FSD/HBG Series

CDU Series

CDU (Continuous Drive Unit) Series

HPO Series


FSA Series


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Approx. 15,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialStainless Steel
Outer DimensionSmall (28-55mm)

Indexing, overrunning and back stopping are common in today’s automated production processes. All of these functions are performed with high precision by Tsubaki Cam Clutch. Whether your requirements are new or replacement, our world leading range of European, US and Japanese models will have your application covered.

Applications include:
  • Conveyor Backstops
  • Industrial Fans
  • Pumps
  • Packaging Machines
  • Printing Machines

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Approx. 18,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Operating Temperature5 Degree C to +60 Degree C.
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight0.34 kg

The Freewheels are directional couplings, which means that the driving member rotates the driven member in one direction, while automatically disengaging itself from the driven part when the direction of rotation is reversed. The two operating states are Transmission of torque and Idling (Overrunning). two operating states are Transmission of torque and Idling (Overrunning).

Type CSK is a sprag type freewheel integrated into a 62 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It is bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0,3mm. The use of additional "nylos" type seals is recommended especially when the working temperature exceeds 50°C. Oil bath lubrication is also possible.

All the CSK versions are equipped with "Formchromed" sprags. The process increases several times the overrunning life time.

Torque transmission is ensured by a press fit assembly into a rigid outer housing with N6 tolerance, and onto a shaft with n6 tolerance. The initial bearing radial clearance is set at C5, and is reduced if using the press fit as specified.

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Approx. 9,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Height20 mm

CTS company, established in January 1977, started his activity with the aim of marketing bearings and special drives and, in the same year, started the production of cylindrical roller freewheels.

The GF Series (sizes 8.20) and GV Series are bushed; the GF Series (sizes 25.60) have ball bearings. The GF Series are used as intermittent feed, non-return and overspeed units mainly inside closed guards. To lubricate this range of freewheels, a pre-existing oil circulation may be sufficient, provided the type of oil used is one of those we recommend for cylindrical element contact units. The GV Series are used for return or intermittent feed applications and are located outside guards on drive shafts where the transmission torque is provided by the lever welded on the outer race. These types are supplied greased-for-life and with gasket.

US, USNU and UF Series freewheels used for intermittent feed, non-return or overspeed applications are generally placed inside closed guards (gears, end covers, etc.) in proximity to pre-existing bearings or additional bearings. The external and internal components must therefore be centred to each other; in the axial direction, they must not be under load or in tension. When pressing or extracting, simultaneously apply pressure both on the internal and external parts to avoid damage to the contact elements and springs. To lubricate this range of freewheels, a pre-existing oil circulation may be sufficient, provided the type of oil used is one of the recommended types for roller type

GM and GP are two types of cage, one with metric measures (GM) and the others with inches measures. The smaller dimensions and the high transmission torque offer some interesting technical and cost-saving solutions. When the application needs torques bigger it is possible to mount more cages side by side. The cage needs one or two bearings for centering, and the two rings (outer and inner) where the cage works must be a surface hardness of 60/62 HRC.

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Approx. 12,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialStainless Steel
Outer Diameter35-420mm

Cross and Morse Freewheels Clutch provide positive one-way drive with high torque capacity within a small unit. A ratchet and pawl mechanism is used with materials and heat treatment selected for a long operating life, with safe, positive transmission. IRF's are suited to low speed (up to 150 r.p.m.) overrun applications where shock loads may be encountered, such as Agricultural machinery. Standard stock units are available in two configurations; as standard sprocket for 1/2 inch pitch chains, or with a drilled flange to fit conveyor rollers, pulleys, or wheels. Standard units have threaded bore to cycle standards, but a range of Adapters enable fitting to keyed shafting. IRF clutches are also stocked in part-assembled condition for reworking to custom design, including finish parallel bore and key seat. Many special Industrial Ratchet Freewheels have been manufactured to meet customers' requirements with torques over 1,000.

Cross Safegard Overload Clutches
The Safegard series of overload clutches were developed to provide overload protection of high torque values with a compact unit. Directly interchangeable with other units in the market, this series offers low cost precision with minimal maintenance for a long reliable service life.
Safegard clutches are in two basic series, the Standard series, for optimum speed and torque, and the Mini series, for lower cost option on slower speed drives. Both series are also available as shaft couplings.

Torque Limiters & Couplings
The Morse Torque Limiter is a protective device that LIMITS TORQUE transmitted in a drive system by slipping when the torque demand exceed a preset value as a result of shock loads, overloads, or machine jams. It automatically re-engages when the overload torque has passed; no re-setting is required. It prevents machine damage and eliminates costly breakdown time.
The Torque Limiter utilises spring loaded friction surfaces for its operation; slip torque is preset by adjustment of the spring force. The Torque Limiter can be used with a sprocket, gear, sheave or flange as the centre member clamped between two friction facings. Offered complete with a range of specially machined platewheels and shaft to shaft couplings, with torque range 3 - 8540 Nm.


Spring loaded tensioners extend the life of roller chain, particularly on long centre distance drives. These products are suitable for simplex and multistrand applications.

Rotary Tensioner: Automatic 90° tensioning action.

Linear Tensioner: Automatic linear adjustment.

Straight Racks
Straight racks are available in standard lengths of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3 metres machined to 20° PA with pitch range 1 Mod. to 8 Mod. These are designed to combine with the standard spur gears to provide low cost conversion of rotary to linear motion.

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Approx. 18,900 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Operating Temperature-20 to +80 Degree C
Outer Dimension120-190 mm
MaterialStainless Steel

The insert elements consist of a cage, sprags - number in relation to the shaft size - and a spring to preload the friction contact between the sprags and the mating parts. So called insert elements are not self centering and require additional bearing support for proper function as provided with our complete units, ball bearing sizes and backstops.

Function: The sprag clutch design shows at the contact surfaces a sophisticated geometrical shape, the engagement curve, which results in a certain pitch angle (αa, αi) when the sprags get in contact with the round mating parts. When torque is applied to the clutch the sprags roll in along the engagement curve until an equilibrium of forces between the torque and tension in the sprags and mating parts is achieved. This part of the engagement curve is called operating zon.

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Approx. 6,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialChrome Steel
Inner Shaft Diameter54.572- 123.881mm

Type DC is a sprag type freewheel cage without inner or outer races.It must be installed in a design providing races, bearing support for axial and radial loads, lubrication and sealing.The sprag space tolerance must not be exceeded. Inner and outer races must both have a minimum plain width "e", without any recess, to ensure the freewheel functions correctly as shown on following pages Alternatively, races can be made in case hardened steel shafts, or housings, to the specification below.Surface hardness of the finished part should be HRC 60 to 62, for a depth of 0,6 mm minimum. Core hardness to be HRC35 to 45. Surface roughness not to exceed 22CLA. Maximum taper between races : 0,007 mm for 25 mm width.



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Approx. 1,200 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:

Fersa Bearings is a Spanish multinational company devoted to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality complete bearing solutions for the automotive market. We have over 50 years of industry expertise and –since 2016- we are part of Fersa Group together with the Austrian industrial bearing manufacturer, NKE.Tapered roller bearings This type of bearing is composed of an inner ring, outer ring, and tapered rolling elements. Thanks to the geometry of their design, tapered roller bearings can withstand combined loads (axial and radial). In addition, this design allows rolling movement without the rollers slipping off the tracks of the outer and inner rings.
Cylindrical roller bearingsThe cylindrical roller bearings are bearings capable of enduring high radial loads. This typology has high resistance to rapid and high accelerations thanks to the line contact between the rollers and the rolling tracks.Ball bearingsThe deep groove ball bearings are composed of an inner and an outer ring as well as a cage with a precision ball set.
These bearings are mainly designed to support radial and axial loads from any direction and allow operation at a relatively high speed.
Needle bearingsNeedle bearings are distinguished by being formed by a cage that houses a large number of rollers with a much smaller diameter in relation to its length. Needle bearings have a high load capacity taking into account the size of their section.

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