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Precision Bearing

Exporter of a wide range of products which include gten ball screw, steinmeyer precision ball screws, nikki precision locknuts, ggb plain bearing, stc styer and fag precision cylindrical roller bearing.

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Approx. 15,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity4 Piece
Packaging TypeSINGLE
TypeBall Screws
Diameter4 mm

GTEN Ball Screw Technology Co., LTD.

As a major manufacturer of precision linear components, GTEN Ball Screw Technology offers total customer satisfaction. Established in 2004 with the objective of producing the highest quality ball screws in the world, GTEN has achieved this goal with a new state of the art manufacturing facility. Utilizing the latest in machine tools and metrology equipment, GTEN is able to provide a higher quality, lower cost alternatives to that of the competition.

Vertex Controls, Inc. is the US Master Distributor for GTEN Ball Screw Technology Co., LTD. Established to provide sales, technical support and US based inventory to meet the needs of North American manufacturers,Vertex Controls, Inc. and GTEN Ball Screw Technology are able to assist you with every aspect of your design process.

GTEN Ball Screw Technology has the highest commitment to product quality and as a result has made quality the centerpiece of their ball screw design. GTEN continuously focuses on improving product reliability, durability, cost competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Ten G's of GTEN:

  • Great Products
  • Great Design
  • Great Quality
  • Great Capabilities
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Communications
  • Great Collaboration
  • Great Team Work
  • Great Management
  • Great Prices

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Approx. 35,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity2 Unit
Packaging TypeSINGLE
TypeBall Screws
Length15 Inch

Steinmeyer Precision Ball Screws has been dedicated to precision since 1920. In those early days, as well as today, it was close collaboration with our customers, and continued improvement of our products and services, that enabled them to rely on us with confidence. But, we invite you to experience this yourself!

Steinmeyer manufactures ball screws from 3 mm to 160 mm in diameter. For ball screws from 3 to 16 mm diameter we offer several standard shafts for various strokes, with choice of ball nut and one of two types of bearing journals. Custom versions of both nut and shaft are also available.

Precision Ball Screws 3 - 16 mm Diameter, Ground ThreadStandard or Custom.

Whether you select a standard item from our extensive product range, or are looking for something specifically tailored to your needs: you just came to the right place! It's not a far-fetched guess that the smaller screw in the photo above is not a standard item. Nevertheless our list of standard screws is the right place to start collecting information.

Steinmeyer produces ball screws for machine tool and similar use with custom shafts only. For a quote, we just need a drawing or sketch that sufficiently defines the shaft.

The nut can be a standard one shown on the following pages, or custom. Even for the custom version, you may obtain useful information from the listing of technical data, since load capacities, rigidity or friction torque will be the same as in the corresponding standard version. Of course we are also prepared to assist you in selecting a nut that best meets your needs, recommend the right preload setting or provide minimum nut dimensions to yield a given life expectancy of the unit.

Rotating Nuts

Steinmeyer ball nuts are ideal for rotating nut designs because they are inherently mass balanced due to the symmetrical orientation of the ball deflectors. Driven (rotating) nuts and stationary shafts offer a number of advantages over conventional layouts (and some disadvantages):

  • Resonance of the shaft is not as critical. Higher speeds may be reached when the shaft is not rotating.
  • Pre-tensioning of the shaft is simplified, since the necessary forces do not need to be transmitted through bearings. Heating is reduced significantly.
  • Stationary shafts allow easy internal cooling of the screw.

UltraThrust ball screws from Steinmeyer are not merely larger sizes of conventional ball screws. They have been specifically designed for the purpose of transmitting very high loads. The ball returns for example have been optimized for large ball sizes and for the specific use of such large screws. Also the robust nut body and the flange differ from conventional designs. Material selection and heat treatment take into account the special application requirements.

Ball Screws for Aerospace ApplicationsSteinmeyer produces ball screws for aerospace applications to existing customer designs, or we design and develop our own solution in accordance with customer specifications. With a proven variety of products, 40+ years of experience in ball screw production, and EN 9100 (AS 9100) approved quality system, our expertise is second to none in the global market.

These Ultra miniature ball screws are manufactured from standard tool steel, hardened and then precision ground to meet ISO tolerances from P0 to P5. Stainless steel material is available as an option.

Steinmeyer’s miniature ball screws are ideal for applications in:
Life Sciences

  • Miniature robotics
  • Semiconductor processing/inspection

The Steinmeyer group is comprised of two manufacturing divisions located in Germany. August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (located in Albstadt) has been setting standards for high precision ball screws for over 40 years and prides itself on high quality,

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Approx. 10,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Packing TypeSINGLE

NIKKI precision locknuts are designed to provide adjustment, preload and secure machine components to spindle/ball-screw and other rotating machine elements. Our locknuts allow accurate setting of preload on bearings and are capable of supporting axial loads with very high rigidity without loosening.All of our NIKKI precision locknuts are produced under "High Locking", "High Precision", "High Stability" Below Are Types of Precision LocknutsPrecision Locknut (Flank Locking): The setscrews of locknut intersect a 30° angle with radius.Precision Locknut (Radial Locking): The setscrews of locknut intersect a 90° angle with axisPrecision Locknut (Axial Locking): The socket head screws/setscrews of locknut intersect a 0° angle with axis

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: NIKKI

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Approx. 350 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Bearing NumberGGB
Usage/ApplicationMachine spare part
MaterialBimetal Bearings

From humble beginnings over 120 years ago to a leader in product development, GGB continues advancing surface engineered solutions through innovation and expertise.Metal-polymer plain bearings consist of a metal backing, usually steel or bronze, onto which is sintered a porous bronze layer that is then impregnated with PTFE and additives to obtain a running surface that offers anti-friction and wear resistant bearing properties. These bearings can operate dry or with external lubrication.Plain bearings also may be made of engineered plastics, which provide excellent wear resistance and low friction in both dry and lubricated operating conditions. Being injection molded, they can be designed to almost any shape and produced from a variety of resins compounded with reinforcing fibers and solid lubricant. These bearings exhibit excellent dimensional stability, low coefficients of friction and good thermal conductivity. Fiber reinforced composite bearings are another form of plain bearing that consists of a filament-wound, fiberglass-impregnated, epoxy backing with a variety of low-friction, wear-resistant bearing linings. This structure enables the bearings to support high static and dynamic loads, while their inert nature makes them suitable for corrosive environments.Monometallic, bimetallic and sintered bronze plain bearings are designed for use in both land-based and submerged industrial applications under high load with slow speed movements. Solid bronze bearings impregnated with lubricant provide maintenance-free performance in high temperature applications, whereas monometallic and bimetallic bearings are designed for lubricated application

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Approx. 1,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Type of BearingAll Type Of Bearings
Bearing NumberAll
DimensionMin- max

STC-Steyr® is an international manufacturer of rolling bearings and accessories and has been manufacturing rolling bearings in series production in the traditional industrial location of Steyr, Austria, since 1922.
STC-Steyr® opened an office in Berlin in 2007, from which the STC-Steyr® brand serves the global market.

  • Ball bearings

Ball bearings are a sub-category of roller bearings. In ball bearings, rolling elements between a inner ring and an outer ring reduce frictional resistance, in contrast to lubrication in the case of plain bearings. The rings secure axles and shafts by absorbing radial and/or axial forces, depending on the structural form, while allowing the rotation of the shaft or components mounted on an axle (for example, a wheel). Rolling friction mostly occurs between the three main components of inner ring, outer ring and rolling element. Since the rolling elements in the inner and outer ring roll on hardened steel surfaces with optimised lubrication, the rolling friction of these bearings is relatively low.

  • Deep-groove ball bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings are particularly versatile. In addition to allowing the absorption of radial loads, they simultaneously enable the absorption of axial loads in both directions. They are of simple construction, durable in operation and maintenance and suitable for high to very high rotational speeds.


  • Axial deep-groove ball bearings

Axial deep-groove ball bearings are suitable for supporting axial loads but must not be subjected to radial loads. Axial deep-groove ball bearings are not self-retaining and consist of the shaft washer, housing washer and ball set retained by a cage. Depending on the application, they are manufactured as single or double-direction bearings. Single-direction axial deep-groove ball bearings are suitable for absorbing axial forces in one direction and can thus support the shaft to one side. Double-direction axial deep-groove ball bearings, by contrast, can absorb axial forces in both directions and thus, as locating bearings, they support the guidance of the shaft to both sides.

  • Angular contact ball bearings

Single-row angular contact ball bearings are non-separable bearings with solid inner and outer and rings whose raceways are offset against each other in the direction of the bearing shaft. This allows angular contact ball bearings to be subjected to radial and axial loads. They only absorb axial forces in one direction and thus need to be adjusted against a second bearing. Single-row angular contact ball bearings are designed for high rotational speeds.

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Approx. 6,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Number of RowSingle Row
MaterialMild Steel
Outer Dimension120-190mm

The new FAG Precision Cylindrical Roller & Spindle Bearing RS is characterised by its particularly robust design as well as by its suitability for very high speeds. The use of these bearings based on large ball sizes and fundamentally with a 20° contact angle provides sustainable cost savings in main spindles due to significantly longer life and new design options.

FAG Thermally Robust Components For Motor Spindles:

The new high precision cylindrical roller bearing FAG N /NN.-TR with a radially elastic outer ring makes it possible, for the first time, to achieve excellent compensation of temperature fluctuations together with very high speed capability on the non-locating bearing position for the motor spindle. The optimised lubricant distribution as well as a lower temperature level in operation provide additional security for the non-locating bearing function.

FAG X-life Ultra Spindle Bearings:
FAG X-life ultra spindle bearings are a truly revolutionary new bearing design made from Cronidur 30, a patented high-nitrogen steel originally developed by FAG for critical aerospace applications. X-life ultra bearings offer remarkable performance characteristics, longer life and are 100x more corrosion resistant than conventional stainless steels. X-life ultra spindle bearings are considered the most advanced bearing available on the market today in terms of load capacity and speed.

Sealed Spindle Bearings:

FAG B..2RSD and FAG high speed spindle bearings XCS, HCS and HSS are protected by non contacting seals. They are greased for live with the FAG high speed grease Arcanol L75 in the right quantity.

FAG Bearings For Power Tools:

The new FAG PTB bearings were developed specifically for power tools, Due to the 30° contact angle, they are particularly suitable for supporting high axial forces. They are directly interchangeable with spindle bearings of series B719 and B70 and offer even more precise machining results and higher cutting performance for the application.

FAG High Speed Bearings For Main Spindles:

The new high speed axial bearings FAG BAX have high axial load carrying capacity and rigidity, but also achieve the suitability for high speeds of main spindle bearings. These bearings with a 30° contact angle, used directly in combination with high speed single or double row cylindrical roller bearings of designs N or NN30, are extremely suitable for applications in milling spindles and machining centres.

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Approx. 22,500 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product Details:
Travel Range100 mm
Cable Length 5 m
MaterialStainless Steel

Egis Precision Flat Cage Guidance Systems, a medium-sized Swiss company, has specialized in making precision linear guidance systems for 50 years. Egis systems are essential in fields such as machine tool construction, printing machines, measurement technology, automation, robotics, optics, productronics, and medical technology.

In addition to standard high-precision guideways, EGIS also produces them in made-to-measure lengths, the associated flat and angled flat cage assemblies, and offers manufacturing possibilities for special parts to suit customer requirements.

Egis M and V Guideways with Needle or Cylindrical Roller Flat Cage Assembly

M and V guideways are combined with angled flat cage assemblies and are particularly suitable for high load carrying capacities, rigidity, minimal friction and a high level of accuracy. They are used as linear locating bearings. They are manufactured in standard lengths up to a maximum of 1,000 mm which allows for rapid delivery.

In order to respond to specific customer requirements, the guideways in this range can also be supplied in made-to-measure lengths, i.e. in any required length up to the maximum length specified in the dimension table.

The guidance systems can be set to be free of clearance or can be preloaded to enhance rigidity using pressure screws.


Egis ML Guideways with Adjusting GIB for Needle Roller Flat Cage Assemblies

This series combines an M guideway with an adjusting gib which distributes the preload equally over the entire length of the guidance system.

The pitch of the gib surface is 1.5%. ML guideways fulfill optimum requirements in terms of rigidity and precision.

Egis MVZ (M/V/ML) Guideways with Integrated Toothed Rack for Positive Control of the Needle Roller Flat Cage Assembly

In this series, the angled flat cage assembly is subjected to positive control by an integrated toothed wheel/toothed rack unit. This guarantees perfect movement for the flat cage assembly even under difficult operating conditions.

Egis M and ML Guideways with Sliding Layer Product Quick Despcription

The guideways in this series consist of an unhardened guideway with a layer fixed by adhesive. They are combined with V guideways and possess the same mounting dimensions as the M/ML and V guideways with flat cage assemblies. They are used in particular when an increased level of friction is required to provide damping or when static or pulsating loads are involved.

Egis S and J Guideways with Needle Roller Flat Cage Assembly

These guideways are used in combination with needle roller flat cage assemblies as linear non-locating bearings. They are supplied in two versions, one of which possesses a flat structure and is therefore space-saving whilst the other has the same dimensions as the corresponding M and V guideways.

Egis LUE Counterstay Systems with Needle Roller and Cylindrical Roller Flat Cage Assemblies

 These units consist of a locating guidance system, a non-locating guidance system and an L counterstay which preloads the two guidance systems. This arrangement prevents the system from becoming distorted by thermal expansion.

Egis Flat Cage Assemblies

Flat cage assemblies consist of a basic cage made from plastic or metal and a large number of precisely guided rolling elements. Needle rollers provide a minimal construction height and optimum load carrying capacity and rigidity whilst cylindrical rollers are less demanding with regard to the connecting structure and have a slightly less rigidity. Balls create the lowest level of friction of all rolling bearings.

Flat cage assemblies are designed for use with precision guideways but can also be used directly with customer-specific elements with appropriate raceways.


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Approx. 32,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Outer Diameter100mm
TypeBall Bearing

GMN produces high precision spindle bearings with more than 95 years of manufacturing experience. Spindle bearings are also referred to as angular contact bearings, and they transmit and externally applied load from one ring to the other along a specific contact angle. GMN Angular Contact Ball Bearing also produces machining spindles, free-wheel clutches, non-contact seals and many unique products for special projects. GMN prides itself on being fast and agile to adapt products for special applications.

Bearing Series S:

GMN standard spindle bearing.

Bearing Series SM:

Geometry of inner ring modified for extremely high speeds. Reduced load rating and static rigidity compared to bearing series S.

Bearing Series SH:

A special design of series SM. Optimized oil feeding, one land on inner ring.

Bearing Series SMI:

A special design of series SM.

Optimized for total loss lubrication and extremely high speeds, it eliminates the need for the high oil feed, seal, and cooling system complexity of an oil injection system.

Separable Type:

Simple mounting due to separate installation of inner and outer ring (when necessary). Balancing of rotating parts with installed inner ring.

Bearing Series BHT:

The cage retains the balls in the outer ring, which means the balls do not fall out when the one-land inner ring is removed.

Bearing Series BNT:

Corresponds essentially to bearing series BHT. However the contact conditions are the same as for bearing series S.

Bearing Series: X And BHT.X

Non-separable type:

High precision ball bearings of extra wide design with shields on both sides for high speed and grease lubrication are used in drilling, milling or grinding spindles for special operating conditions.

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Approx. 12,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialBearing Steel
Inner Diameter65 mm
Breadth18 mm

Angular Contact Bearings:
Fafnir angular contact ball bearings are designed for combination radial and axial loading. Single-row bearings have high thrust capacity in one direction. Some single-row bearings are specifically designed for duplex mounting in sets for maximum performance. Double-row Conrad bearings can accommodate thrust in both directions.

The special geometry of angular contact bearing raceways and shoulders creates ball contact angles that support higher axial loads. Different designs offer contact angles ranging from 20° to 40°. Higher angles provide more axial load capacity for longer service life operating under axial and radial loads.

Typical Applications:
  • General industrial
  • Chemical
  • Utilities
  • Agricultural
  • Expanded Options
  • Special lubricants
  • Special cage materials
  • Special preloads
  • Special coatings for corrosion resistance

2MM-WI types with 15° initial contact angle are designed to meet the needs of machine builders for precision bearings which will operate at as low a temperature as possible for a wide range of speeds and operating loads. In order for machines to produce more accurate work at a higher production rate, the bearings must provide a high degree of rigidity in both axial and radial directions while operating a minimum temperatures. For example, precision machining or cutting tools impose heavier loads on bearings than those encountered in precision grinding. In the former, speeds are slower and loads heavier than the latter, where speeds are high and loads light.

3MM-WI types, manufactured with 25° contact angle, are for use on applications where the loading on the bearings is predominately thrust — and a high degree of axial rigidity is a definite requirement. Typical applications for these are large vertical rotary surface grinders, horizontal and vertical disc grinders, and thrust bearing applications for heavy duty lathes where the bearings must directly carry extremely high tail stock or chucking pressure.

2MM-WO types with 15°-18° initial contact angle are designed for extremely high-speed applications where centrifugal force of the balls is the principal load on the bearing. Unlike the MM-WI type which has a low shoulder outer ring, the 2MM-WO type has full shoulders on both sides of the outer race and a low shoulder on one side of the inner ring.

2MM-WN types with 15° initial contact angle are designed to meet the needs of machine manufacturers who require optimum oil flow through the bearings.This design incorporates a low shoulder on the non-thrust side of both the inner and outer rings.

2MMV and 3MMV 99100WN types are available with 15° or 25° contact angle variations and have been developed to operate under the demanding requirements of high speed machine tools. They incorporate design features which permit operation at higher speed than standard angular contact ball bearings. The bore, outside diameter, and width are the same as the MM9100 series.

HX Types are dimensionally interchangeable with equivalent 9100, 99100 and ISO Series-10 bearings. These designs enable spindle heads to remove more material in less time while maintaining superior machining tolerances. HX bearings come with steel or ceramic ball complements with a 15 degree standard contact angle in a WN construction design.

Ballscrew Support Bearings:
To meet the requirements of the servo controlled machinery field, Torrington has developed a new series of ball bearings specially designed for ballscrew applications.

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Approx. 18,000 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialBearing Steel
Dimension90X160X30 mm

Timken Super Precision Angular Contact Bearing (MBP) are available in inch and metric sizes, and are all manufactured to ABEC 7P tolerances. These bearings are assembled to yield a nominal contact angle with ±3º (other tolerances are available upon request). They are lubricated with a vacuum impregnation of the phenolic retainer with MIL-PRF-6085 oil, but other lubricants options are also available.

MM/MMV (Machine Tool Bearings)

Super precision bearings manufactured to MM/MMV tolerances combine the accuracy and performance of ABEC 9/ISO P2 with the non-critical features of ABEC 7/ISO P4 levels for cost effectiveness.

MMX (Machine Tool Bearings)

Type MMX super precision bearings are made to ABEC 9/ISO P2 levels and have closer tolerances and running accuracies than ABEC 7/ISO P4 tolerances. Ideal for ultra-high speed grinding spindles designed for tight dimensional tolerances and super-fine surface finishes.

HX (Machine Tool Bearings)

Type HX delivers excellent running accuracy and are manufactured to precise ABEC9 (ISO P2) levels for run out tolerances.

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic hybrid angular contact ball bearings combine steel rings with ceramic rolling elements to deliver higher spindle speeds and increased dynamic radial stiffness.

Ball Screw Support Bearings:

Ball screw support bearings are available in single and double row configurations and are widely used in motion control applications.

Miniature & Instrument Bearings:

Miniature and instrument bearings are used in medical and industrial hand pieces and other precision applications. Ball bearing designs include radial, angular contact, thrust and pivot.

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Approx. 3,500 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
LubricationOil, grease
Number of RowSingle Row

Unitec is a leading company in the development and manufacture of special cylindrical roller bearings. Thanks to the unmatched expertise of its engineering personnel, Unitec is able to provide worldwide efficient solutions to customer specific requirements together with high-quality services.

Machine Tool – Standard and customized bearings

· For positioning and indexing tables

· Milling heads

· Support units for ball screws.

Steel Industry

· Sendzimir bearings

· Multi-row roller bearings for laminating cylinders

· Chain wheels

· Back-up rollers for straightening machines and other applications.

Industrial Applications

  • Customized bearings for plastic extruders
  • Paper converting industry
  • Printing
  • Earth moving machines
  • Textile industry
  • Lifting devices and handling equipment


Unitec manufacturers machine tool bearings for standard and customized designs in high precision with stiffness and reliability.

Bearings for milling and indexing tables

· RTB combined radial/axial roller bearings

· Bearings with inductive measuring system

Bearings for balls screw support

· SRB combined needle roller bearings

Customised crossed rollers bearings

· Crossed roller bearings with customised flanges and seals

Sendzimer bearings

· Double or triple row cylindrical roller bearings

Multi-row roller bearings for cylinders

· Special designs with either full compliment or caged roller

· Backup Rollers for straightening machines

· Back up rollers

Combined Needle Roller Bearings

· Combined bearings

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Approx. 5,000 / Piece Get Latest Price

Product Details:
MaterialAll type of Material



Rockford Ball Screw offers standard bearing mounts in five (5) available configurations:

  1. Simple radial – R/B/S model BMR
  2. Simple angular – R/B/S model BM
  3. Fixed angular – R/B/S model BMF
  4. Compact Simple angular – R/B/S model BMBK
  5. Compact Simple radial – R/B/S model BMBF

Overview of BMR:

  1. Considered "simple" support
  2. Float of the bearing in the housing allows for shaft expansion
  3. Standard end machining available
  4. Predrilled for face or foot mounting

The BMBF compact series bearing mounts are SIMPLE RADIAL supports that utilize shielded Radial ball bearings for supporting radial load components. These bearing mounts are NOT intended to support axial load components of force. Consult engineering for application assistance if required.

The BMBF is a virtually a compact version of our standard BMR bearing mount and is dimensionally interchangeable with other “BF Style” bearing mounts found in the industry.


RBS offers one of the most complete lines of standard bearing mounts in the industry. Mounts can be shipped loose for customer installation or preassembled to the screw at our factory. If shipped loose, please note that the bearings have an interference fit to the shaft and that installation procedures in accordance with those recommended by rolling element bearing manufacturers need to be implemented. Please consult our factory for additional details.

  • Rockford Ball Screw offers standard bearing mounts in five (5) available configurations:
  1. Simple radial – R/B/S model BMR
  2. Simple angular – R/B/S model BM
  3. Fixed angular – R/B/S model BMF
  4. Compact Simple angular – R/B/S model BMBK
  5. Compact Simple radial – R/B/S model BMBF

The BMR series bearing mounts are SIMPLE RADIAL supports utilizing shielded Radial ball bearings for supporting radial load components. These bearing mounts are NOT intended to support axial load components of force. Please consult Rockford Ball Screw’s engineering Tech Team for application assistance if required.

BMR uses a deep groove radial ball bearing. The BMR mount is well suited for high duty cycle conditions where frictional forces may cause a thermal transfer of energy into the screw assembly. The resulting thermal migration will cause the screw to expand axially and occasionally can lead to catastrophic failure.

  • Overview of BMR:
  1. Considered "simple" support
  2. Float of the bearing in the housing allows for shaft expansion
  3. Standard end machining available
  4. Predrilled for face or foot mounting.

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Approx. 19,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Breath118 mm
Outer Diameter480 mm

IBC offers an exceptionally high quality range of precision and super precision bearings from their production plants in Germany and Switzerland.

Their capability to innovate has set them apart from other manufactures. The use of different materials for bearing components has been one of the divisive factors in increasing the performance of their products. The use of ceramic rolling elements, enhanced cage materials like PEEK overcome challenging environments.

IBC’s product range is further enhanced by ATCoat thin dense chrome plated bearings which are designed for special applications, offering service life boosting characteristics as well as outstanding wear and corrosion protection properties.

The innovative way that IBC holds stock in component form and their streamlined assembly program allows for greatly reduced delivery lead times on matched bearings and special assemblies incorporating non standard materials produced specifically for customers actual requirements.

Product solutions include:

· Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

· Cylindrical Roller Bearings

· Ball Screw Support Bearings

· ATCoat Rolling Bearings

· Precision Locknuts

· Linear Motion Bearings


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Approx. 7,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:

Standard Series of High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings, A basic series of NSK bearing (Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing) that meets ISO standards.

  • NSK''s Z steel, a long life bearing steel, is used as the standard material
  • The 70 and 79 series are sealed with a grease life that has been improved by one and half times

Robust Series of Ultra High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings:

This series developed with the best of material, evaluation, and analysis technologies, of which NSK is proud. This is highly functional series for machine tool. In addition, the sealed type of this series, which offers longer service life and shows excellent environmental friendliness is available.

  • Reduces heat generation and achieves high-speed rotation
  • X type bearing, which is made of SHX steel developed by NSK, offers long service life for use in high-speed applications
  • Wide lineup to meet various applications is achieved
  • Grease life of the sealed type has been extended

Robust Series, Spinshot it of Ultra High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing With Oil-Air Lubrication

Ultra High-Speed rotation and low-noise performance has been achieved through focusing efforts on optimizing the oil-air lubrication system of this bearing.


Achieves 40,000 min-1 with ISO-40 equivalent taper using oil-air lubrication.

  • Noise levels reduced by approximately 3 dB to 5 dB in comparison with conventional oil-air lubrication
  • Achieves 40,000 min-1 with about half of the air volume of conventional oil-air lubrication

Robust BGR Series of Ultra High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings:

Accommodate the need for high precision and ultra high-speed for shaft diameters of less than 30 mm. Highly functional series that support the high performance requirements of compact spindles.

  • Ultra high-speed bearings designed specifically for compact spindles
  • X-type with inner and outer rings that are made of excellent heat resistant and wear resistant SHX steel help high-speed applications achieve a long service life
  • High precision specifications are standard

Robust Series of Ultra High-Speed Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings:

A Robust series of angular contact ball bearings for sustaining axial loads that achieves high-speed and high rigidity performance.

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Approx. 7,500 / Unit Get Latest Price

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity2 Unit
MaterialBearing Steel
Contact Angle15 Degree

RHP Bearings have a long heritage, which is respected throughout the world. RHP Super Precision Bearing (Ransom, Hoffman and Pollard) was formed in 1969 as a result of the amalgamation of three of the UK's leading bearing manufacturers. RHP Bearings has gone onto field of various bearing types in a multitude of applications. NSK a major world force in rolling bearing technology is an organization committed to global localization. Recognizing the synergy with RHP since 1990, NSK joined force to create NSK-RHP which is strongly identified as a core brand by customers throughout the world.

Currently NSK-RHP has three specialties:
  • RHP Inch series bearing
  • RHP Bearing units incorporated into different housings
  • RHP Super Precision Bearings for Machine Tool Application

In the field of modern machine tool building, instrument making and other engineering activities, ever increasing demands are placed on bearing performances in the terms of higher rotational accuracies and speeds. These demands are reliably met with RHP Super Precision Bearings, which demonstrates the following distinct features:

  • Extreme accuracy
  • High rotational speed
  • Minimum friction and heat generation
  • Controlled rigidity

NSK-RHP Super Precision Bearings:

NSK-RHP manufacturers three basic types of Super Precision Bearings:
  • Single row angular contact ball bearings
  • Ball screw support bearings
  • Single row radial ball bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings

This is the most adaptable and important bearing within the NSK-RHP range for use in machine tool spindles. The many combinations of contact angle and preload allow precise bearing selection to cope with most arduous of requirements, be they speed or capacity. The range has preferred contact angles 15 degrees and 25 degrees and laminated phenolic resin cages. Bearings can be supplied singly, in paired units or multiple sets.

The NSK-RHP Excel range has been introduced in response to industries need for higher speeds and has a larger number of balls. They also offer higher stiffness. They are dimensionally interchangeable with bearings with normal ball diameter. The NSK-RHP Ultra range is designed for particularly high speed application.

The NSK-RHP Excel, Ultra and normal ranges can be supplied with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls. These offer higher speeds and lower operation temperatures, as well as enhanced stiffness.

Ball Screw Support Bearings:
  • NSK-RHP has available a comprehensive range of ball screw support bearings, cartridge and pillow block
  • Units Ball Screw support bearings with their high rigidity, low torque, simple mounting and elimination
  • Of the need for preload adjustment provide ideal support solution
  • RHP ball screw support bearings are

Designated BSB have 60 degrees contact angle and are manufactured to P3 tolerances. The balls are separated by one piece, glass fiber reinforced nylon molded cage.

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Product Details:
MaterialBearing Steel
Dimension90X160X30 mm
Load DirectionRadial Bearing

Since 1952, the SNFA Group has distinguished itself in the market as one of the finest precision angular contact bearing manufacturers in the world. Known for their exacting quality and innovative design, SNFA Bearing are engineered to run smoother, faster, cooler, quieter and longer than competitive products. Roto Precision is pleased to offer in Canada the full range of SNFA products for all of your high speed super precision angular contact bearing requirements.

With more than 50 years of experience, exclusively within the design and manufacturing of special bearings for advanced technology, in particular for Aerospace and Machine Tool application, SNFA has become the reference point in the world of high quality, advanced technology bearings.

As the Group activity expanded, SNFA gradually implemented an organizational structure based on three major product groups with the objective of reaching the highest levels of specialization in:

  • Cylindrical and spherical roller and ball bearings for the Aerospace industry
  • High precision angular contact ball bearings for machine tool and other special applications
  • Special bearings for high performance applications

  • SEA
  • SEB
  • VEB
  • HB
  • EX
  • HX, HX/NS
  • E200
  • BS200, BS200/S
  • BS200 (Special)
  • BSDU
  • BSQU
  • BSQU/1

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Product Details:

Barden / FAG is the pre-eminent leader in super precision ball bearing manufacturing in the world today. Barden Super Precision Bearing excel in applications where bearings of lesser quality have failed. If superior accuracy, reliability of operation, long-life, high running speeds and low noise and vibration are requirements in your application, Barden/FAG precision bearings are the bearings of choice.

These high speed super precision bearings are available with fibre cages, ceramic and small balls, or sealed.

Barden Angular contact bearings have one ring shoulder partially or totally removed. This allows a larger ball complement than found in comparable deep groove bearings, hence a greater load capacity. Speed capability is also greater.

Angular contact bearings are assembled to a contact angle by varying the radial clearance. Spindle size Barden angular contact bearings have nominal contact angles of either 15° or 25°. The smaller angle delivers better radial capacity and rigidity, the larger angle is better for axial rigidity.

Ball Screw Support Bearings:

Barden Ball screw support bearings in metric and imperial sizes from Barden New double row sealed bearings.

Series L ball screw support bearings are specially designed for machine tool applications. Contact angle is high at 65° to provide axial rigidity and the very high thrust capacity.

Also available are the 7602., 7603 and BSB (15 mm width) series.

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Product Details:
MaterialChrome Steel

Angular Contact Ball Bearings Standard Type:
  • Series 7900C/7900AC
  • Series 7000C/7000AC
  • Series 7200C/7200AC Series

High-speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings:
  • BNH Series

Thrust Load Angular Contact Ball Bearings:
  • TAH Series
  • TBH Series

Multiple-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings:
  • NN3000 Series
  • NNU4900 Series

Cross Tapered Roller Bearings:
  • XRN Series
  • XRG Series

Ball Screw Support Bearings:
  • TAB Series
  • TAF Series

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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

FAG super precision bearings for main spindles stand for very high precision and absolute operational security. Innovative FAG spindle bearing solutions are continually raising standards in relation to speeds, accuracy and rating life. For the main spindle system and the overall machine tool system to be successful, however, bearing components alone are no longer sufficient as a guarantee. Significant increases in performance and the creation of unique selling propositions for the customer are now achieved when the bearing manufacturer offers advice and carries out development work on the basis of wide-ranging system knowledge as well as being able to provide support through a range of service functions. It is through close partnership with the manufacturers of spindles and machine tools and through shared knowledge, founded on experience, of the requirements of end users and their customers that the potential exists for achieving a leading role in the market.
Differrent Variant for fag Spindle bearings are as below
 B7014 Standard spindle bearings, steel balls, medium series 
B71914 Standard spindle bearings, steel balls, light series.
B7214 Standard spindle bearings, steel balls, heavy series
HC7014 Hybrid spindle bearings with small balls, ceramic balls, medium series
HC71914 Hybrid spindle bearings with small balls, ceramic balls, light series 
HCB7014 Hybrid standard spindle bearings, ceramic balls, medium series
HCB71914 Hybrid standard spindle bearings, ceramic balls, light series
 HCB7214 Hybrid standard spindle bearings, ceramic balls, heavy series 
HCRS7014 Hybrid high speed spindle bearings, ceramic balls, medium series
HCRS71914 Hybrid high speed spindle bearings, ceramic balls, light series
 HS7014 Spindle bearings with small balls, steel balls, medium series 
HS71914 Spindle bearings with small balls, steel balls, light series.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HS71900-C-T-P4S

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Product Details:
Bearing NumberLR608/24 , LR6000/28
Part Number8482
MaterialStainless Steel
Bearing Series6001, 608 , 623 , 624
Corrosion ResistanceYES

Small ball bearings, thin-section bearings and special-purpose ball bearings from Zwicker Kugellager GmbH are used in many areas of industry, from medical engineering and the electric motor industry to the broad spectrum of mechanical engineering. The focal areas of production are precision ball bearings with bore diameters from 4 mm to 25 mm. Our customers particularly value the flexible manufacturing offered by Zwicker.

Products p Deep-groove ball bearings with bore diameters from 4 mm to 25 mm, with various shields and seals, cages, lubricating greases or oils p Bearings for prosthetics p Bearing units p Special-purpose bearings according to drawing

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Product Details:
TypeWorm Reducer
HardnessHardened Tooth Surface
MaterialAluminium, Chrome Steel, Metal

Boston Gear Bost-Bronz Oil Impregnated Plain Sleeve Bearings
Bost-Bronz® is Boston Gear's all-purpose, oil-impregnated, porous bronze bearing material. It is manufactured using the powdered metal process with the purest metal powders. This process ensures the uniform distribution of pores between the bronze particles which absorb the oil by capillary action.
Boston Gear Bear-N-Bronz® Cast Bronze Plain Sleeve Bearings Boston Gear Plain Sleeve Bearings
Bear-N-Bronz® is Boston Gear's general purpose, cast, solid bronze bearing material. It is a high grade, leaded tin bronze, having good hardness, strength, wear-resistance and exceptional anti-friction qualities. Boston Gear BOSTonE® Plastic Plain Sleeve BearingsWith Teflon as their major ingredient, Boston Gear’s glass-filled bearings are self-lubricating and offer a low coefficient of friction. They withstand extreme temperatures from -400° to +550° F, handle high loads at moderate speeds, and have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. .
Boston Gear Mounted Pillow Blocks Boston Gear Pillow Blocks
Boston Gear offers a comprehensive selection of pillow blocks that include non-metallic inserts in a non-metallic base for washdown duty service; spherical bearings with extended inner races with setscrews; or eccentric locking collars in stamped steel, ductile iron, or cast iron housings.Boston Gear Mounted Flanged Units
Boston Gear Flanged Units
Boston Gear's comprehensive selection of flanged bearings includes non-metallic inserts in a non-metallic base for washdown service, spherical bearings with extended inner races featuring setscrews, or eccentric locking collars in stamped steel, ductile iron, or cast iron housings.
Boston Gear Molded Plastic Bearings
Boston Gear Plastic Bearings Boston Gear stocks a wide selection of plain cylindrical, flanged, and roll-end bearings in four different materials: Nylon, which offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and low surface friction for long wear without lubrication; Boston Gear Ball Bearings
Boston Gear's comprehensive line of unmounted, inch-size ball bearings are designed to meet diverse manufacturing and budget requirements, adding value and choice to your power transmission purchases. Boston Gear Thrust Bearings
Boston Gear Thrust Bearings Boston Gear's line of thrust bearings are built with a quality and quantity of balls ideal for assuring high load-carrying capacities, and they come in your choice of hardened steel and stainless steel to suit virtually any environment.
Boston Gear Rod End and Spherical Bearings
Boston Gear rod ends and spherical bearings are intended for applications using linkages where a bearing must accommodate significant misalignment under heavy radial or thrust loads involving slow rotation or oscillation. Their spherical bearings are normally mounted in a pre-designed housing, while the rod ends are provided in a housing that is attached to the linkage by the integral thread. Boston Gear Washers
Boston Gear offers an excellent selection of hardened and ground steel and stainless steel thrust washers for use in low-speed applications that do not require the use of ball bearings. Two series of washers are available for use in many applications, depending on the ID and OD tolerance requirements. Boston Gear Linear Bearings Boston Gear Linear Bearings
Boston Gear offers four series of linear bearings: commercial, precision, open, and instrument. The precision and open series are available in either steel or stainless steel and with or without an integral seal for operation in contaminated environments.

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