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Turntable Bearings

Our product range includes a wide range of turntable bearings yrt, rotary table bearings slewing ring ina vsu200744, qcb bearing, tgb group, cross roller bearings and cross roller ra bearings.

Turntable Bearings YRT

Turntable Bearings YRT
  • Turntable Bearings YRT
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Product Details:

MaterialStainless Steel
Mounting Dimension580mm
FeatureSlewing Bearing

PRS turntable bearing axial and radial cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller thrust exerted by the two radial bearings and a combination of cylindrical roller bearings, axial and radial pre-load, easy to transport and install, the a plurality of screw holes are opened on the ring and the outer ring, the package bearing the use of positioning screws. The bearings are particularly suitable for machine tools or other precision mechanical rotary table or indexing plate.
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Rotary Table Bearings Slewing Ring INA VSU200744

Rotary Table Bearings Slewing Ring INA VSU200744
  • Rotary Table Bearings Slewing Ring INA VSU200744
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Product Details:

Dimension816x672x56 mm
Rolling BodyRoller Bearings

VSU200744 Bearing, VSU200744 Slewing ring, VSU200744 slewing bearing Specifications:

Type : VSU200744 Four point contact ball slewing bearing without gear teeth

1.High load-carrying capability

2.Ability to accept the combined loads;axial ,radial and tilting moments

3.Flexibility with product design.

4.42CrMo/50Mn material be used to make slewing ring bearing


Four point contact bearings VSU200744 description:

these slewing rings without preload are robust and proven under very demanding operation; they place only slight demands on the flatness and perpendicularity of the adjacent construction
they are suitable for applications with low requirements for accuracy and rigidity of the bearing arrangement, for example in simple metalworking machines, wind power equipment and construction machinery

VSU20: Four point contact bearing, standard series 20, without gear teeth, selectable internal

clearance,sealed, lubrication nipple on circumference of outer ring

Four point contact bearing standard series20 without gear teeth, Series VSU:

DesignationWeightDimension (mm)
VSU 20 04142948634256
VSU 20 05443761647256
VSU 20 06444471657256
VSU 20 07445281667256
VSU 20 08446091677256
VSU 20 094467101687256
VSU 20 1094771166102256

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QCB Bearing

QCB Bearing
  • QCB Bearing
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Product Details:


QCB is known for innovative design, high quality and customer service. QCB supplies to OEM manufacturers internationally, as well as bearing traders and end users.  QCB offers one of the widest ranges of slewing rings and slewing drives available from a single supplier, and has become a trusted name in slewing ring bearings with a satisfied and international customer base in industries as diverse as mining machinery, materials handling, military, nuclear, offshore oil and gas, access platforms, process treatment plants, wind power, special effects and art installations.

  • Slewing Rings

Slewing rings carry large axial, radial and moment loads within a compact dimension envelope and are used in a wide range of industrial machines. Their use offers an elegant solution to the problem of load carrying, stability and power transmission.
Design, Installation & Maintenance

  • Flanged Light Series

A series of metric and imperial sized light duty slewing rings for a wide variety of industrial applications

  • Solid Section Light Series

A series of solid section slewing rings, with either a ball, or crossed roller construction. This series of rings can again be used in a variety of wide ranging applications.

  • Flanged Heavy Series

A series of 90mm tall flanged slewing rings, for more heavy duty applications where loads are predominantly concentric.

  • Solid Section Medium Series

A series of solid section slewing rings designed to support heavier loads in more demanding applications.

  • Other Stock Slewing Rings

NBC Group boasts an ever growing list of slewing rings available from stock.

  • Double Row Ball Slew Rings

Double row ball slew rings are ideal in applications where a high moment load is to be supported, a degree of rigidity is required in the bearing system, or there are high radial loads.

  • Triple row slewing rings

Used for very heavy loads and available in either geared or ungeared forms from 634mm to over 12 000mm diameter (possibly segmented)

  • Precision Rotary Turntable Bearings

High precision rotary turntables

  • Thermoplastic Housings

QCB Thermoplastic Housings are manufactured in a high-grade PBT glass-filled thermoplastic polyester and are dimensionally interchangeable with conventional cast-iron housings, resulting in a maintenance free housing with excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and dimensional stability that will never rust or corrode.


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TGB Group

TGB Group
  • TGB Group
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Product Details:


With over 25 years of experience, TGB Group is a leading company in transmission and motion solutions for the industrial and solar markets. TGB develop and manufacture technological products that are distributed worldwide with the highest quality standards.

 TGB Group Technologies is a world leader as a manufacturer and distributor of slewing rings, slewing drives, linear guides and actuators.


  • Slewing Drives

The rotating modules are compact rotational units integrated in a cast iron housing that contains a turning ring with a gear. The gear rotates the turning ring with great precision and allows for smooth rotation and maximum effort.
The rotation modules can support axial, radial and inclined loads and are completely sealed.

  • Slewing Rings

TGB have variety of single and double row roller bearing products designed to absorb axial and radial forces such as tilting forces. The slewing rings are sealed on both sides to protect the rolling elements from dust, foreign materials and to prevent grease leakage.  

TGB Group Technologies manufactures motion solutions that are used under the toughest conditions:  available  special anti-corrosion treatment, special surface coatings for heavy industry (off-shore), hardening purposes and measures on the raceways and internal gears, etc.

Slewing rings are used in applications such as construction equipment, platforms, cranes, accessories, demolition equipment, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, turntables, satellite antennas, trailers, etc.

  • Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are devices that are responsible for transforming a rotary movement provided by a motor in linear motion thanks to the combination of a steel auger and a bronze toothed ring; These devices are prepared to work under difficult conditions or environments where the working temperature range is between -10ºC and 60ºC.

TGB Group Technologies manufactures two main types of linear actuators: screwdriver or telescopic. The main difference between the two is that in the first type, the spindle has a metal cover on the back and a rubber cover on the front, while the telescopic only protrudes the spindle on one side and is covered with a tube chrome plated.



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Cross Roller Bearings

Cross Roller Bearings
  • Cross Roller Bearings
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Product Details:

Inner Diameter528 mm

Cross roller bearings between wheel and ocean shipping, interval cross each other to the square arrangement way they can also inherit from each direction load (such as axial thrust or momentum load, etc.) for roller and track surface into linear contact, robot special cross roller bearing.

Cross roller bearing characteristics of use:

  • Have excellent rotation accuracy
  • Operation installation simplified
  • Bear the larger axial and radial load
  • Greatly save installation space
  • Speed ability high
  • Reduce the axial length and processing cost, thermal expansion leads to the change of geometry size limited
  • Using nylon dividers, moment of inertia is low, starting torque low, easy to control the Angle index
  • Optimization of prestressing force, stiffness, guide roller running high precision
  • Carburizing steel provides excellent resistance to impact and surface anti-wear ability
  • Simple but lubrication fully

Cross roller bearing mainly application:

Machine precision rotary indexing table, vertical and horizontal boring machine, vertical grinding machine, rotary surface grinding machine, large gear hobbing machine, guns and radar rotary table, large radio and optical telescope, rotating camera, steering pivot and continuous casting machine, highly restricted pivot microscope table, bar center fulcrum, rotating bogie, welding support, rotary assembly fixture, industrial robots, precision rotary table, medical equipment, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing plant.

Crossed cylindrical roller bearings: RB series RB5013, RB6013, RB7013, RB8016, RB9016, RB10016, RB10020, RB11012, RB11015, RB11020, RB12016, RB12025, RB13015, RB13025, RB14016, RB14025, RB15013, RB15025, RB15030, RB16025, RB17020, RB18025, RB19025, RB20025, RB20030, RB20035, RB22025, RB24025, RB25025, RB25030, RB25040, RB30025, RB30035, RB30040, RB35020, RB40035, RB40040, RB45025, RB50025, RB50040, RB50050, RB60040, RB70045, RB80070, RB90070, RB1000110, RB1250110
  • Crossed cylindrical roller bearings: RE series
RE5013, RE6013, RE7013, RE8016, RE9016, RE10016, RE10020, RE11012, RE11015, RE11020, RE12016, RE12025, RE13015, RE13025, RE14016, RE14025, RE15013, RE15025, RE15030, RE16025, RE17020, RE18025, RE19025, RE20025, RE20030, RE20035, RE22025, RE24025, RE25025, RE25030, RE25040, RE30025, RE30035, RE30040, RE35020, RE40035, RE40040, RE45025, RE50025, RE50040, RE50050, RE60040,
  • Crossed cylindrical roller bearings: CRBC series
CRBC5013, CRBC6013, CRBC7013, CRBC8016, CRBC9016, CRBC10020, CRBC11020, CRBC12025, CRBC13025, CRBC14025, CRBC15025, CRBC15030, CRBC20025, CRBC20030, CRBC20035, CRBC25025, CRBC25030, CRBC25040, CRBC30025, CRBC30035, CRBC30040, CRBC40035, CRBC40040, CRBC40070, CRBC50040, CRBC50050, CRBC50070, CRBC60040, CRBC60070, CRBC600120, CRBC70045, CRBC70070, CRBC700150, CRBC80070, CRBC800100
  • Crossed cylindrical roller bearings: SX series
SX011814, SX011818, SX011820, SX011824, SX011828, SX011832, SX011836, SX011840
SX011848, SX011860, SX011868, SX011880, SX0118/500
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Cross Roller RA Bearings

Cross Roller RA Bearings
  • Cross Roller RA Bearings
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity2 Unit
Outer Dimension60- 100 mm

RA Thin Type (separable Outer Ring for Inner Ring Rotation)

RA thin type is a small and light weight bearing with a very thin wall thickness. It carries heavy loads. Therefore, the bearing housing and pressure flange can be light weight. It is being used in rotary locations such as in robot hands. The outer rings of the

JRBH 200820368CRBH 2008 A
JRBH 250825418CRBH 2508 A
JRBH 3010305510CRBH 3010 A
JRBH 3510356010CRBH 3510 A
JRBH 4010406510CRBH 4010 A
JRBH 4510457010CRBH 4510 A
JRBH 5013508013CRBH 5013 A
JRBH 6013609013CRBH 6013 A
JRBH 70137010013CRBH 7013 A
JRBH 80168012016CRBH 8016 A
JRBH 90169013016CRBH 9016 A
JRBH 1002010015020CRBH 10020 A
JRBH 1102011016020CRBH 11020 A
JRBH 1202512018025CRBH 12025 A
JRBH 1302513019025CRBH 13025 A
JRBH 1402514020025CRBH 14025 A
JRBH 1502515021025CRBH 15025 A
JRBH 2002520026025CRBH 20025 A
JRBH 2502525031025CRBH 25025 A

RA 5008 , RA 6008 , RA 7008, RA 8008, RA 9008, RA 10008, RA 11008, RA 12008, RA 13008, RA 14008,
RA 15008, RA 16008, RA 17008, RA 18008 RA 19008 RA 20008

RA 5008C , RA 6008C , RA 7008C, RA 8008C, RA 9008C, RA 10008C, RA 1100C8, RA 12008C, RA 13008C,
RA 14008C, RA 15008C, RA 160013C, RA 170013C, RA 180013C RA 190013C RA 20013C



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IKO CRBF Crossed Roller Bearing

IKO CRBF Crossed Roller Bearing
  • IKO CRBF Crossed Roller Bearing
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity2 Unit
Bore Size70 - 80 mm
TypeRoller Bearing

IKO CRBF Crossed Roller Bearing

Thin-section crossed roller bearing of series CRBF (inner ring division) .The inner ring of bearings are designed for two parts, but their outer ring as a whole .This kind of design is most suitable to apply in the highest rotating precision of outer ring.

Both the inner ring and the outer ring have integrated structure (Inseparable), and attachment holes are made to the inner ring and outer ring so attachment can be made easily. Furthermore, it is not easily affected by surrounding structures such as housing and presser plate, therefore, a high rigidity and high accuracy rotation are realized.

CRBF 108 ATCRBF 108 AT UU10528
CRBF 2012ATCRBF 2012AT UU207012287.35
CRBF 2512 ATCRBF 2512 AT UU258012
CRBF 3515 ATCRBF 3515 AT UU3595154517.5
CRBF 5515 ATCRBF 5515 AT UU55120156520.3
CRBF 8022 ATCRBF 8022 AT UU80165229733.1
CRBF 8022 ACRBF 8022 A UU80165229733.1
CRBF 8022 ADCRBF 8022 AD UU8016522
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